4 Simple Ways Of Applying Foundation

Are you struggling with achieving a flawless skin? Worrying how to successfully camouflage blemishes, dark circles, pimples or the redness? Well, your rescue lies in a foundation. Even though the foundation is the answer to your pursuit, using the right foundation is extremely essential. You must understand your skin type and your skin tone to make a wise purchase. Once you have chosen the right foundation based on your skin, you have won half the battle. Well, the other half of the battle lies in applying foundation. The right application of foundation determines the coverage, the evenness of your look and the finish. You can be applying foundation in more than one ways to determine which of these techniques suits your skin best. Here are some of the easiest ways of applying foundation.

Use Your Fingers

One of the most preferred ways of applying foundation worldwide is using fingers. Fingers help you to get a sheer and light coverage. They also help you to seamlessly blend the product with your skin. You must start with a small amount of foundation; dot it evenly all over your face. Then gently use a pat and roll motion to blend the foundation with your skin.  This method will ensure that the foundation does not sit on the top.

Use a Beauty Blender

The beauty blender is designed like an egg. A damp beauty blender helps with soaking the foundation deep in your skin. Its design helps you cover difficult to cover areas like the under eyes and hairline. With the help of a beauty blender, you can get a medium to full coverage. Ensure you don’t drag the beauty blender on your skin. Instead, dab it and bounce it off; this will ensure that the foundation is buffed nicely.

Use the Flat Foundation Brush

If you have a dry skin then using the flat foundation brush for applying foundation is best suited for you. A flat foundation brush makes working on the light layers easy. When applying the foundation with a flat foundation brush, you must apply in downward strokes and spread it evenly on your neck and face.  Use the same brush to tap the foundation again. If you want the foundation to seep deep into your skin and pores and give you a flawless look do not forget to tap.

Use a Stippling Brush

If you are applying liquid foundation, a stippling brush is the best tool you should use. Dot your face with foundation. Use the stippling brush in light and circular motions to evenly blend it. Stippling brushes are designed to have duo fibers to facilitate an even and smooth finish. Using a stippling brush is not advisable for applying foundation if you have a dry skin.

Always make sure you use a good quality primer before applying foundation for it to last longer and for best results.

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