• Red Wine Skin Benefits

    Drink Your Way to Healthy Skin

    red wine skin

    Red Wine: What’s in It? To really understand why red wine has health benefits, you need to understand what’s in wine. Everyone knows that wine is made out of grapes, which are antioxidant-rich. The antioxidants found in grapes include resveratrol, catechins, epicatechin and proanthocyanidins. Of these antioxidants, the resveratrol (found in the grape skins) is […]

  • Beginner’s Guide to Running

    beginners running guide

    Running is a great way to get the amount of cardiovascular activity you need to maintain and improve heart health. However, getting started running can be tough. Between shin splints and lack of motivation, it can be hard to learn how to love running. The good news is that if you’ve made the mental decision […]

  • Best Vegan Lipsticks

    7 Great Brands you should know

    Colorful Vegan Lipsticks

    Animal testing is an ugly part of the makeup world, and it’s sad to see so many brands involved in the practice. If you’ve decided to make the switch to animal-friendly makeup, it can be a daunting task. This is particularly true when it comes to finding a lip color that’s cruelty-free and natural, while […]

  • How to Improve Your Morning Routine

    Improve Your Morning Routine

    Being a morning person is something that’s learned. For the vast majority of people, waking up and going through a morning routine is a task that’s dreaded. You’re tired, groggy and dreading the day that’s to come. While adopting a routine won’t make you LOVE mornings, doing so can help make the mornings routine go […]