Avoid Overeating at Night with These Simple Tips

Hungry woman near fridge at night with donut

With busier-than-ever daily schedules, it’s no surprise that by the time we sit down at night, we tend to overeat. When you add in the fact that most dates, parties and adventures out occur in the evening, this statistic is even more believable. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips you can use to refrain from overeating at night.

Practice portion control

With gallon-sized fountain drinks, massive restaurant entrees and jumbo-sized everything, it is easy to get confused about proper portion size. A portion is the amount of a specific food an individual eats for a meal or snack. For a general idea of the amount of food you should be consuming, use the following recommendations:

  • One serving of meat is the equivalent of 2-3 ounces.
  • One serving of grains is equal to one slice of bread, one ounce of cereal, or half a cup of pasta or rice.
  • One serving of fruit or vegetables is easier to determine. Generally speaking, one servin is equal to one whole fruit or one piece of vegetable or ½ cup of chopped fruit or vegetable. Fruit and vegetable juice also counts toward your daily servings as ¾ cup of 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice can be considered one serving.

Avoid emotional binge eating

Food is commonly used as a coping mechanism for sadness, depression and anger, however, eating to suppress feelings not only sabotages efforts to lose weight, it eventually leads to weight gain and more depressed feelings. To curb this issue, the root of why someone eats must be detected before the emotional overeating will stop.

Don’t skip breakfast

It’s not called the most important meal of the day for no reason. Those who skip breakfast tend to overeat more frequently than those who eat well-balanced breakfast.

Choose wisely when you go out to eat

Eating out at restaurants doesn’t have to result in overeating. You can still maintain a healthy diet even when you go out to eat. Many restaurants, especially chains, post menus on their websites. Visit the site before you go out to dine and select your meal. This way, when it is time to order, you will not be tempted to make unhealthy choices because you already decided what you are going to eat.

Eat slowly

It can take between 15-20 minutes for your body to realize that you are full. Slow down to avoid overeating.

Drink a full glass of water before every meal

Your body often confuses being thirsty with being hungry. By drinking a full glass of water before you start eating, you can make sure that you don’t overeat.

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