What You Need to Do Before Getting a Cosmetic Procedure Done

Whether you’re getting a cosmetic enhancement, like Botox or lip fillers, or getting major cosmetic surgery, like a nose job or breast enhancement, it’s a major decision. That’s why it’s so important to do these four things before getting any cosmetic work done to make sure you’re in the best hands and you know exactly what to expect.

Research Your Procedure

Doing your research prior to going in for a consultation or getting your procedure done is crucial. You may really want to get a nose job, but do you know how long the procedure takes or how long the recovery time is? Do you know the risks of getting the procedure you want? What about the success rate of the procedure?

While there’s a lot of information available on the internet, the majority of it may not be credible and may not align with what you’ll experience. By doing the legwork, though, you can manage your expectations and prepare yourself for a consultation. Be sure to write down any questions you may have while you’re researching the procedure to ask during your consultation.

Find a Good Surgeon (or Surgeons)

Unless you want to risk ending up on a reality show about a botched cosmetic procedure, making sure your treatment is done by an experience, legitimate surgeon or aesthetician is of the utmost importance. A qualified surgeon will be certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties and a qualified medical aesthetician will be licensed by the state where their facility is located. Moreover, a qualified surgeon or aesthetician won’t be hesitant to show you their accreditations.

There are a variety of well-recognized online resources available to read information reviews and patient testimonials about specific physicians and facilities. If you’re uncertain of a surgeon or aesthetician’s abilities, don’t go to them for your procedure. Trusting your gut will pay off in the end.

Schedule More Than One Consultation

While it may seem inconvenient to go to multiple offices to get different opinions, it’s actually the best thing for you to do. One surgeon may suggest doing your procedure one way, while another may have a completely different recommendation for you. Because getting a cosmetic procedure is an expensive and major decision, it’s definitely worth it to talk to different doctors to get different opinions.

In your consultations, be sure to ask similar questions so you can evenly compare your options when you get home. Some questions to ask include:

  • How many times have you done this procedure?
  • Have your patients experienced any negative post-treatment complications?
  • What are the possible complications?
  • How long will my recovery be?
  • How many follow-up appointments will I need to have?
  • How much will the procedure cost?
  • Are there any alternate treatment methods you would recommend for me?

Think About Cost

You shouldn’t base your decision to get cosmetic work done solely on the procedure’s cost. However, you should do your research so you know if you’re going to be paying a fair price. Most times, health insurance won’t cover any portion of the cost of a cosmetic procedure unless it’s medically necessary. That means that you’ll most likely be paying out of pocket for your procedure if it’s elective. Be sure to ask in your consultation how much the procedure will cost.


Getting work done is a big decision. From the recovery time to the cost of the procedure itself, there’s a lot to consider. Fortunately, doing these four things before getting work done can help prepare you to make the best decision possible for your health and your wallet.

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