Does coffee cause acne?

Are you a coffee lover? Are you prone to acne? Wondering what is the relationship between the two? Well, the relationship between coffee and acne is quite complex. So does coffee cause acne? No, it does not. Coffee only aggravates the problem.  It is quite the heavenly beverage for millions of people across the globe, but it is not quite the heaven for someone who has to deal with acne.

There are many benefits associated with coffee consumption such as lowering type 2 diabetes risk, mood enhancements, increased focus, and prevention of cognitive decline with aging. Coffee definitely has a bright side to it, but there is a harsh and dark side to coffee for acne prone individuals. Sad but true.

Coffee cause acne

Coffee can trigger acne in several significant ways. It magnifies your body’s stress response. Technically consumption of coffee can lead to triggering “Hyperadrenalism.”. This means your adrenal glands will overreact to events that are stressful, it will pump excess stress hormones, and that is not good. We already deal with stressful lives, which is already bad for acne. Coffee just adds extra fuel to it.

coffeeCoffee weakens the glucose metabolism; this makes your body insulin resistant; this leads to an elevated level of insulin, and blood sugar in your body that makes your skin produce excess oil, makes your skin cells replicate rapidly, and the level of inflammation in your body rises and leads to acne.

Another interesting fact around your question “Does coffee cause acne?” is that coffee is known to boost your stress hormones, this makes you crave for sweets, high carbohydrate snacks, calorie-rich food products. All of this act as significant ingredients to the Acne recipe.

What Coffee is doing with your body

Coffee hampers your body’s ability to absorb minerals from food. If you drink coffee close to a meal or with your meal, then coffee disrupts your ability to absorb significant minerals such as zinc, iron, and selenium. Acne can be potentially worsened with such mineral deficiencies.

Coffee is also known to hamper your gut flora; this can also lead to acne. Research suggests that coffee comprises mycotoxins that can also trigger acne. Even though we cannot assertively answer the question “Does coffee cause acne” with a yes, however, we can definitely conclude that if you are an acne sufferer then tweaking your diet a little by cutting of coffee from your food intake list can keep acne at bay.

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