6 Easy to Follow Feet Care Tips

Everyone is always busy taking care of their hair, facial skin, and hands. Even though each one of us wants to have beautiful and soft feet, we are still more likely to push feet care to the last spot in our list of body care priorities. To think of it, it is your feet that takes the whole weight of your body and is susceptible to major wear and tear. This makes them vulnerable to infections, injury, and fatigue. Hence it is necessary to make if not more at least a little effort to keep your feet healthy and beautiful. If you are thinking where to begin, then you can start by following these simple yet beneficial feet care tips.

Wash Your Feet Regularly

Feet usually get sweatier and dirtier than most of the other parts of your body. Hence it’s vital to wash them regularly. Wash your feet at least twice daily, once at the beginning of the day and once at the end of the day.  Lukewarm water and mild soap should be ideally used to get rid of the dirt, sweat and the bacteria. After you wash your feet properly, you must wipe them with a soft towel to dry it thoroughly especially the water between your toes because this spot is vulnerable to fungal infections such as athlete’s foot.

Keep Your Feet Moisturized

Another one of the most significant feet care tips is to keep your feet moisturized. With all the wear and tear that your feet experiences it becomes cracked and dry. If you apply moisturizer on your feet a few times daily especially before going to bed, you can avoid this condition. When you apply the moisturizer, it is advisable to apply it in circular motions and massage it gently for a couple of minutes. Ensure you cover all of your feet. A foot cream is always a good deal, but you can also choose to use natural products like olive oil, cocoa butter or coconut oil. If you use oil, warm it up gently before use so that the skin absorbs it quickly.

If you have a tendency of developing cracks on your heels during winter months, then you can wear socks after moisturizing your feet to retain the moisture for long. However, ensure that you never apply a lot of moisturizer between the toes.

Removal of Dead Skin

Removing jagged skin is one of the most important feet care tips. Think about it, what good you can get by washing and moisturizing dead skin. Hence it is essential to remove the jagged skin at least twice a month. You can do this by exfoliating the dead skin layer with the help of loofas or pumice stones. Ensure you do this mildly. After removing dead skin wash your feet, hydrate your feet with a good moisturizer and leave it overnight. For scrubbing, you can use a mixture of olive oil and sugar and a few drops of tea tree oil or mint. This mixture has anti-bacterial properties. This is one of those feet care tips that will keep your feet away from calluses and corns.

Trim Toe Nails Properly

One of the essential feet care tips that you must follow to keep your feet strong and healthy is trimming your toenails every few weeks.  Only use proper nail cutters and do not use scissors. In order to make trimming your toenails an easy task you must trim them just after taking a shower when they become a little bit softer. You should never cut your nails too small to avoid experiencing discomfort while walking. Trim your toenails straight across and then smoothen the corners with the help of a nail filer. Avoid trimming the edges or an angle because this can cause ingrown nails which can be excessively painful. The elderly and infants should always be assisted while trimming toenails.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes is one of the least effort indulging feet care tips. All you need to do is remember to buy shoes that you are comfortable in. This is important because well-fitted shoes will not restrict your feet from movement of any kind. They will keep your feet away from problems like shoe bites, corns, and blisters.  Pointed shoes and high heels should not be worn regularly or for long hours because their constant use can damage your feet tissues and ligaments. Refrain from using them unless it’s a special occasion. Avoid wearing flip flops all the time because they lack the support that your feet need and eventually lead to pain in your heels or arch.

Massage Your Feet Regularly

Foot massages are one of the easiest feet care tips. It keeps all feet problems at bay. You have no idea what a few minutes of foot massage done on a daily basis has to offer. Some of the innate benefits include relief from inflammation and pain, improvement in blood circulation, promotion of relaxation, inducement of sound sleep, keeping your anklets flexible and strong, and reduction in the discomfort arising from the burning feet sensation. If you spend just 10 minutes of your precious time massaging your feet every day you feel the difference almost in no time.

You can use these easy to follow feet care tips regularly to keep your feet healthy inside and out without really going to a parlor and without really burning a hole in your wallet.

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