How to Get Fuller Lips

How to Get Fuller Lips

Full lips like Angelina Jolie’s have always been in style. Now, they’re more in style than ever. If you weren’t born with full lips, don’t despair. There are a few things you can do from the comfort of your home to make your lips look fuller.

8 Tips to Get Fuller Lips


Dry, flaky lips will only detract from your goal of making them look full. Exfoliate with sugar scrub to get rid of the dry and flaky spots.

Overdraw your lip line

This tip is probably the most popular way to fake fuller lips, thanks to Kylie Jenner. Drawing your lips on slightly bigger than they really are is a great way to get a fuller set of lips.

Use concealer to blur your lip lines

Concealing your lip lines will make your lips appear bigger by making the surface area for your lip color to go over bigger.

Don’t go dark

Though it seems like using a darker color will make your lips look bigger, the opposite is actually true. Use a pale pink or nude colors will make your lips look bigger.

Use concealer after you’ve applied your lipstick

After you put your lip color on, take a thin brush and line the outside of your colored lips with concealer. The contrast will make your lips pop even more and give the illusion of them being bigger.

Try lip-plumping balm or gloss

lip balm fuller lipsWith the rising demand for products that give the illusion of getting lip fillers done, many makeup brands offer lip-plumping products. Before your put your color on, put on one of these balms or glosses to plump up your pout.

Try using two different lip colors

Using two different colors, with the darker color in the middle and the lighter color on the outside, will give you the illusion of having fuller lips.

Dab high-gloss lip gloss in the middle of your lips

Adding high-shine to the middle of your lips will help give the illusion of a fuller pout.

These tips will help you achieve the illusion of a fuller set of lips. If you want to see real results, though, you’re going to have to turn to the pros to help you out. Lip fillers can help you achieve the lips you’ve always wanted, but they are expensive and the injections can hurt. For more information on fillers, contact your aesthetician.

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