6 Tips to Get Perfect Eyebrows

How to get Eyebrows That You Have Always Desired

If your eyes are the window to your soul, then your eyebrows are definitely the frame. Natural looking and beautiful eyebrows are making the hottest beauty trends list these days. Many of us struggle a lot to achieve the perfect eyebrows. Whether you walk the ramp as a celebrity or walk your life’s ramp as a commoner, the perfect eyebrows are essential to leave behind the right Aura. With these easy to follow genius tips, you need not worry about your brows ever again. We published an article about How to get perfect eyebrows a while ago but here are some more tips for you:

Figure out what you are working with

The first step towards perfect eyebrows is to figure out what kind of eyebrows do you have and what eyebrow shape best fits your face. This will literally set the ground for success. Figure out which eyebrow category you belong to such as thick eyebrows, patchy eyebrows, unruly eyebrows, eyebrows with no arch and round eyebrows. After this find out what brow shape suits your face type; this will help you work on your eyebrows better.

Using a spoolie brush

After you have figured out the shape and trimmed your eyebrows, next you need is a spoolie brush. Figure out the direction of your hair and brush your eyebrows in that direction with a spoolie brush to fix eyebrow hair.

The magic of brow powder

You must preferably use the brow powder with a shade that matches your hair. Start by lightly outlining your eyebrows. Then you can make lines both on the top edge and lower edge. You can focus a little on the tail of your brows to define your eyebrows better. Another trick that you can use for perfect eyebrows and fuller eyebrows is by applying lighter brow powder at the head and the darker brow powder at the arch; this is called eyebrow contouring.

Eyebrow Pencil works wonders

If you are an eyebrow pencil fan, then this perfect eyebrows tip is for you. You can create a natural eyebrow look with an eyebrow pencil. All you need to do is use it in short hair like strokes to mimic the natural brow look. If you have space in your brows, you must fill that up with an eyebrow pencil for a fuller look.

A coat of clear bowl gel

After you have drawn your perfect eyebrows, you must use a coat of clear gel to set eyebrow hair and comb out to remove any extra buildup for any other product. A coat of gel keeps your brows in place even in a windy condition.

Highlight your brows

To make your brows a little more perfect than they already are and to spice up your brow look, use a light shadow stick to highlight your eyebrow bone. A cream shadow stick is absolutely apt. It is easy to blend and apply. If you don’t have a shadow, then a little petroleum jelly can also work wonders to give you a natural eyebrow look.

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