How to Improve Your Morning Routine

Being a morning person is something that’s learned. For the vast majority of people, waking up and going through a morning routine is a task that’s dreaded. You’re tired, groggy and dreading the day that’s to come. While adopting a routine won’t make you LOVE mornings, doing so can help make the mornings routine go smoother. In turn, this can help you improve your health and outlook on life.

Get Your Sweat On

Exercising in the morning might seem daunting, but powering through a workout first thing in the morning can energize you for the day. It gets your heart pumping, the blood flowing and helps keep the stressors at bay. You might also get a post-workout glow, one that you can’t achieve through using highlighter.

Getting your sweat session in before you head to work also ensures that you get your workout session for the day in. Too often is the case where you have all the best intentions of working out after work, but that doesn’t really actually end up happening. Whether you have to stay late at work, get suckered into going to happy hour, get stuck in traffic or just don’t have motivation to go to the gym or go for a run, things happen. Working out in the morning helps you get your exercise in before life gets in the way.

Start Your Day With a Cup of Warm Lemon Water

From Gwenyth Paltrow to Beyonce, celebrities and models alike hail the health benefits of drinking a glass of warm lemon water on an empty stomach. In addition to boosting your digestive tract’s health, drinking lemon water affords the following benefits:

  • Detoxification: Because lemons contain d-limonene, an antioxidant, they’re able to kick start your liver into detox mode, which helps flush out toxins in your body.
  • Immune system: The vitamin C found in lemons gives your immune system a huge boost. One large lemon contains 75 percent of the amount of vitamin C you need each day. By drinking a large cup of lemon water, you’re getting a good start on your daily intake.

Lemon water is also said to help fight aging, and while that has yet to be scientifically proven, it’s definitely worth a shot!

Eat a Well-balanced Breakfast

You hear experts say it all the time: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many nutritionist agree that by skipping breakfast, or eating an unhealthy breakfast, you’re setting yourself up for failure in terms of eating healthy for the rest of the day. Moreover, eating breakfast signals your metabolism that it’s time to start the day, meaning you’ll burn calories as soon as you eat in the morning. What’s more? Eating a nutritious breakfast prevents your body from entering its starvation mode, which can result in you indulging your cravings or eating an unhealthy snack.

Getting a healthy breakfast isn’t something that has to take a lot of time, effort or money. Here are some healthy, cheap breakfast ideas:

  • Avocado toast with an egg: Boil a pack of eggs on Sunday before the week starts, so you have enough to last you the whole week. In the mornings, all you have to do is peel the egg, toast a piece of multigrain bread and smear slices of avocado over the top of it.
  • Chia seed pudding with a banana: Make a batch of chia seed pudding on a Sunday afternoon and portion out serving sizes for every day of the week. That way, all you need to do in the morning is pull out the Tupperware, peel a banana and enjoy your breakfast.
  • Good old cereal and milk: Cereal isn’t just for kids. Many health-conscious food brands sell healthy cereal designed with the busy adult in mind. Pour yourself a bowl of cereal with the milk of your choice and enjoy!

Don’t Forget Your Cup of Joe

Having a morning cup of coffee is good for your health. After being placed on the list of possible carcinogens years ago, coffee has officially been removed from that list. Countless studies found that it doesn’t cause cancer. In fact, drinking a cup of coffee in the morning can wake up your GI tract and aid in digestion. The caffeine can also help you get a healthy boost of energy. While coffee is good for you, the excessive sugars in standard creamers isn’t, so use that sparingly!

Start Each Day with Positive Words

Attitude is everything when it comes to how your day will go. Having a positive outlook on what your day might bring can help you not dwell on anything you might have to do on that day. For example, if you wake up happy to start the day, your 4 pm grocery store trip might not seem so bad. Look yourself in the mirror while you’re getting ready and say some positive affirmations to instill the positive attitude.


Mornings don’t have to be terrible. By incorporating these five elements into your morning routine, you’ll be on your merry way to becoming a morning person. Or, even better, your mornings will go much more smooth and you’ll start your day off on the right foot.

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